– Be carefull the informations below are about 2016, we do not know yet of the changes related to 2017 –

You can reach Linosa Island from:

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  • Porto Empedocle (is the harbour of Agrigento. It is about 20minutes from Agrigento by bus) by fast boat (the

company is Ustica Lines www.usticalines.it) it takes three hours or by ferry (the company is

Siremar www.siremar.it) leaving at night at 23:00pm it takes six hour and arrives early morning (around 05:45am)

on Linosa.

  • Lampedusa Island by fast boat it takes one hour (the company is Ustica Lines www.usticalines.it) or by ferry (the

company is Siremar www.siremar.it) it takes two hours.

Before planning your journey check the schedule to be sure that is not the day off of the company (the companies don’t

travel everyday).


How to reach Porto Empedocle:

by train from all the Italian cities (www.trenitalia.it)

by bus or taxi from Agrigento (there is a local bus leaving from Piazzale Rosselli in Agrigento which stops near the

pear of Porto Empedocle), from Palermo airport (company SAL www.autolineesal.it), from Trapani airport (company

Lumia www.autolineelumia.it) from Rome and other cities (there are some companies which go to Agrigento: SAIS

www.saisautolinee.it or SALEMI www.autoservizisalemi.it ).


How to reach Lampedusa:

by flight from different cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Palermo, Catania… (there are different Companies: Meridiana, Alitalia, Neos, Volotea, Blu-express, Vueling, Mistralair). You can also check all the companies through skyscanner, expedia, edreams…

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