Eco Volunteer program

Linosa is a pristine island, located 100 miles from the Sicilian coast, where is possible to go back in time to when nature did not need to hide from human beings.

Hydrosphera with its staff of biologists and naturalists has been studying and protecting sea turtles on the island since 1994 and from 2011 it has started monitoring the cetaceans in the surrounding area. It’s something really unique and exciting.

Join us to discover the mysterious and amazing pelagic world, we will continue to save animals in danger and in addition you will have the opportunity to know more about the natural environment of the island with its caves, natural pools, fishes, sea stars, sponges, calcareous algae and more…

We believe that only learning more about the sea can help to protect and respect it.

Linosa island is also well-known for its beautiful panoramas, for its volcanic mountains, for its colorful village, for the kindness of the local people, for the amazing sea, for the diving, for the sea watching, for its vegetation with its fragrant sea daffodils, good cappers, lentils, sweet Sicilian prickly pears and everything more you can discover on the island.


What you will do: Osservazione e studio cetacei

  • Attending lectures on biology and conservation of cetaceans and marine turtles.


  • Dolphins watch by inflatable dinghy


  • Excursions to discover the island above and below the sea


  • You will live an experience in one of the most remote and fascinating islands of the Mediterranean.


Involvement of volunteers in the activities at home:

Although most of the energy is mainly dedicated to the outdoor activities, part of the time must be devoted to the reorganization of the house and to supply the kitchen and preparing meals. All volunteers are asked to cooperate in shifts of cleaning and cooking.

Accommodation in the house

All the volunteers will stay in a house in the village center, 500 meters from sea, where for years volunteers and Hydrosphera staff have housed.

The apartment, on the ground floor consists of 4 dormitories with bunk beds, three bathrooms with hot water, a kitchen and a veranda where meals are held.


Useful informationP1000677_s

How to reach Linosa Island: see the page “Connection to Linosa”


Banks and post offices

On Linosa Island there are no banks, but there is one post office with a post office ATM (not always credit cards work). On the island Is not possible to pay with credit cards and debit cards. It is suggested to bring cash.


Rent bicycles or scooters

On Linosa Island you can rent bikes, electric bicycles, motorbikes and quad.


Climate and clothing

We are quite far south of Tunis, then there is no need to fear the cold. However, we recommend to bring warm clothes useful for nights on the beach, and a k-way.

If you are particularly sensitive to the sun, take with you sunscreen, even if on Linosa you can buy sunscreen, sunglasses (not by sight!) and clothing. For the type of life and the activities should not carry much baggage. In addition, the space to store clothes in the house is fairly small.


In case of injury or serious health problems

On Linosa there is a Medical Guard for first aid and a heliport. On the island of Lampedusa there is a polyclinic (Contrada Grecale), which provides general medical services, operates a hyperbaric chamber, during the week can be assisted by medical specialists, there is also a medical guard for tourists. With regard to the emergency on the island there is a helicopter capable of reaching a hospital in Sicily in less than an hour. The clinic of Lampedusa is in Via Grecale Tel.0922/970604 – 971452. For several years, is always present on the island of Lampedusa, also a cardiologist.


Items needed

  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Bed linen or sleeping bag (for the bed)
  • Towels


Items for the activities

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Swimsuit, mask and snorkel


Items for leisure times

  • K-way jacket or windbreaker, boat shoes or light shoes with rubber soles (if you do not want to be barefoot in the boat trips), flip-flops
  • Backpack just in case of excursions
  • Music CD or mp3 (the radio on Linosa Island has no radio signal…)


Memorandum on personal items

  • Kit * personal medication, medicines for seasickness (the patches are recommended on the basis of scopolamine. Ask about your doctor)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels and beach towel

*Although on Linosa there is a pharmacy, it should be better to bring all those medicines that require a prescription such as antibiotics, analgesics, painkillers, antihistamines and other medications particular, because are difficult to find on the island. We recommend in cases of particular diseases or allergies to bring specific medicines.

If you wear glasses (or contact lenses), we suggest you bring an extra pair, because it is not purchased on the island and for the same reason we suggest you to bring the liquid for contact lenses.


Participation requirements

Because of the activities under the project, it is necessary that people who participate meet the following requirements:P1000934_s

Be 18 years old or in case of 16 years old should be accompanied by a parent or adult

  • Possess a good degree of adaptability and respect, preconditions for experiencing live in contact with other people
  • Remember that you may have to share a room with a participant of the opposite sex, and sleep in a bunk bed
  • Having read and signed the application form and the attached Policy Disclaimer
  • Having read all the information and material about the project and agree to its terms and spirit.
  • Project participants must inform Hydrosphera about any issues relating to their physical conditions at the time of registration. In the case of specific diseases or physical conditions that were not considered suitable for the activities under way, will be fully entitled to Hydrosphera not accept the request for participation as volunteer
  • In the event of behavior deemed inappropriate or incompatible with the activities of the field and with life in common, Hydrosphera reserves the right to expel a participant.


Contribution includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Contribution to research and activities
  • Lessons and training by Hydrosphera
  • Dolphins watch by inflatable dinghy according to the weather condition
  • Assistance of qualified personnel
  • Escursions
  • Assistance from and to the port for arrivals and departures


Contribution doesn’t include:

  • Travel expenses to and from Linosa
  • All meals (common kitty: 12 € a day)
  • Personal expenses
  • Everything is not mentioned in the above paragraph “contribution includes”.


For bookings and more information: